Val Frie, PhD, LCSW

Frie, Val 2021 SQUARE-9561

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis

Ms. Val Frie is personable and compassionate and who has a relaxed way of establishing and building therapeutic relationships. She empowers and motivates her clients to evaluate and make the sometimes necessary changes in their life by utilizing cognitive behavior techniques and skill building.

Val grew up in the Air Force but has settled in Rapid City to be closer to her parents. This is now her home.  Val loves the outdoors and enjoys spending her time kayaking with her dog River Song, gardening, cooking and traveling.

Val holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in Psychology and is currently licensed as a social worker in South Dakota. She has over 4 years of experience in the Mental Health field and has worked with individuals in crisis, provided group and individual therapy, and has experience working with older adults through later life changes and transitions. She also has experience in working with people who have been abused, exploited and neglected.  Val utilizes trauma-focused, humanistic, client-centered and mindfulness therapy in her practice.

Val is warm and welcoming and has incorporated her best friend, River Song a therapy dog, in training, into therapy sessions with clients. River Song is learning to sense emotional changes and respond by moving closer to the individual or putting her head on the client’s lap to provide comfort and support. River Song likes long walks, peanut butter and kayaking.

To schedule an in-person (or teletherapy) appointment, please call Scovel Psychological at 605-721-8822.