Dr. James Gardiner, PhD., ABN – Board Certified Neuropsychologist

James Gardiner

Walk with God, love all, make beautiful music.

Jim is on this earth to inspire and encourage others. His gift of music provides inspiration, and his role as a neuropsychologist gives hope to those who have experienced injury or illness.

He is a Board Certified Neuropsychologist with training in music therapy, which allows him to share the power of music for the purpose of improving brain function.  To Jim, success is when people leave his office with renewed hope for the future.

Raised on a ranch in western South Dakota, James C. Gardiner, Ph.D. is a professional musician and Board Certified Neuropsychologist at Scovel Psychological and Counseling Services in Rapid City, South Dakota.

His education was obtained at Union College (B.A.), University of Nebraska (M.A.), Michigan State University (Ph.D.), and Utah State University (Ph.D.).

Jim has many different roles in his professional and personal life including:

  • Group therapist. He leads groups for pain management and mental improvement at Scovel Psychological.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation therapist. He has developed and uses musical treatments for recovery from neurological injuries and illnesses.
  • Facilitator. He promotes and leads musical activities in community drum circles, at senior centers, and in nursing homes.
  • Researcher. He has conducted research and published articles and book chapters on how music improves brain functioning.
  • Teacher. He instructs music therapists on musical approaches for cognitive rehabilitation and has developed BrainTuning, a wellness class designed to improve cognitive functioning with music, in Rapid City and throughout the United States.
  • Pianist. He performs regularly in the Rapid City area at Ft. Hays, Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn, and Unity of the Black Hills, and leads a group called Sentimental Journey.

Jim is a family man who enjoys living with his wife in the beautiful Black Hills, with grandchildren nearby.